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Deadlifting trouble

Ok here´s my workout split : day 1 chest,lats
2.Legs,abs 3.rest 4.delts and arms 5 rest.
Classic Charles P. split.

Now I want to prioritize my back (upper and lower) and could care less about quad and hams.

If I do deadlifts on day 1, then doing legs on day 2 would overwork the quads and hams, right ?

If I do deadlifts on day 2 the lats and upper back in general takes another pounding, what gives ??

Change your split. Techinically, the deadlift is a hamstring/glute/lower back exercise if done with proper form. Yes, it does work the back as well, but I wouldn’t use it exclusively for back training. You may need to do more of a “King” style of training split. Maybe something like this. DAY 1: Deadlifts, reverse hypers or good mornings, rows (barbell or dumbbell), biceps. DAY 2: Benches, shoulders, triceps. DAY 3: Squats, chins, calves.

This way, you hit the back from both angles, twice a week as well as splitting your leg training. There are other splits you could choose. This is just an example.

How about this – instead of thinking of body parts, think lifts. I tend toward whole-body workouts, so I use one big lift (squats or deads), then a pushing and pulling movement, then abs. Add some peripherl work on a third day and you’re set. One question for you – you list a 5-day routine. What about days 6 and 7? Do you then rotate back to day 1 after 5? You’re worried about overlapping legs with big lifts, but not worried about overlapping arms with chest and lats?