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Deadlifting the Day After Upper Body?


Ok, my current training scheme has me training two days in a row (upper/lower body split) followed by a day of rest and repeat.

Now, if I do deadlifts on my lower-body day after training my upper body hard the day before, is this counterproductive? I figured that the deadlift is mostly a posterior-chain execise and the other muscles aren't worked that hard. Plus, I have a day of rest after my lower-body day.


so are they 2 ME (Max effort days) followed by an off day then 2 DE (dynamic effort) days with an upper lower split? if so then imo no its not, but i would advise not doing any grip/forearm work on the ME upper body day thats before the deadlifts.


my training days are basically me lifting as much weight as i can for about 5 reps 3 sets. i do a little bit of forearm work during the upperbody days as well as heavy barbell rows.


There is no way I could have a productive day of heavy Deads after a productive day of upper/mid back work in my limited experience. One of those two days would have to suffer for the other to excel.


You can do that just fine. We bench on Wednesdays at our gym and do box squats and deads the next day on Thursday and will oftentimes work up quite a bit. Never seemed to bother any of our guys.




when did deadlifting become a lower body exercise?


I was thinking the same thing. Yeah, it involves some recruitment of leg muscles, but for me it's almost strictly upper body (back). One should never do heavy bb rows the day before dls just b/c one has rows listed as upper body and dls listed as lower body. It doesn't mean crap what category one classifies each exercise as.



Yeah guys, why is it a lower body ME exercise at Westside??


Touche. But you can't deny the back muscles are the primary movers for deadlifts, and in fairness there is a big difference between low intensity lat/upper back work and heavy bb rows.


Dls are lower body at westside because the primary muscles moving the weight are the posterior chain and somewhat also the quads. They also require grip strength and back strength ofcourse, but the "primary movers" are the hams, glutes and low back. The reason you cant DL after a heavy BB lift is because a) your hams and glutes are fatigued from isometrically holding the weight at the bottom of an RDL. b) your back muscles are fried so there will be a much less efficient force transfer from the posterior chain and quads to the bar


If you're deadlifting with your back primarily, you're going to experience some nasty injury.


2009 strikes again



Why my lower back is pretty much unbreakable (knocks on wood). Starting out at a young age I never really knew what dead lifts worked (at least I did them at 15). I always thought lower back hence, my lower back being extremely strong. I find rack pulls below the knees work my back better than stiff leg dead lifts. I really feel stiff legged deads more in my hamstrings and is why I have it on my leg day.

So yes I dead lift after a upper body even if I did/doing a back workout the day before/after.

This is just my opinion about it, and am not saying anyone else it wrong.


I'm denying it because there is almost no movement at all at the shoulder, neck, and elbows. There is movement the knees, ankles, and hips, hence why it's considered a lower-body exercise. The upper back and erectors work at stabilizers, not movers.

Bodybuilders usually perform deadlifts at the end of a back workout; athletes and powerlifters perform them on lower body days.

You can do deadlifts the day after an upper body workout. I've done it for years. I don't see how one wouldn't be able to. Of course, there is a drawback to doing so, but EVERY program has drawbacks. You will never be as fresh during a workout done the day after another one compared to one after a day off.

My max-effort lower-body day is done after a workout that looks like this:
1) Speed bench press
2) Rack lockouts or 3-,4-, or 5-board press.
3) Dumbbell bench press variation
4) Row variation
5) Pushdowns
6) External rotations


If it works for you I don't see why not. I have found that switching these days(Day 1,Deadlift and next day heavy bench)doesn't always work well imo. Most times I don't have nearly as much strength on bench the next day after an intense deadlift session.


How? By saying if you're not initiating the pull with leg drive you'll probably hurt your back? How the fuck are YOU deadlifting?


i deadlift on back day, so i guess im lifting with my back? amazing that i dont even get lower back pain when i deadlift, and i dont use a belt either.

i guess i would fuck up my back doing RDLs too? cause you dont use any leg drive to get the weight up, its all back.


I'm not sure I understand your point. I was responding to the post that said "back muscles are the primary movers" of the deadlift. That is false and when initiating the movement with your back, you are at a far greater risk of injury.

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic with the RDL bit or not. I hope you are...


no, im not. yea you cant deadlift without using a little leg drive, its impossible. but theres a reason a lot of guys deadlift on back day...and it isnt because you mostly use your legs.