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Deadlifting Technique Tips


I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions for my deadlift. My 3 rep max is 235. With that weight my technique seems really solid but when I try 245 everything seems to go to shit. I am wondering if I am doing anything wrong though because today I did Romanian deadlifts while standing on 4" thick plate and easily did 6 reps with 205. I know that it is not the best comparison since I am comparing 3 reps to 6 reps but I just think that 245 is pretty shit if I can do that much weight in the romanian deadlift. I read CT's article about having poor leverage (I am only 5'6"). Could that be the majority of my problem? I appreciate any input.


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Look these up in the archives.


If your technique is "solid" at 235lbs. why would it be so bad at 245lbs.? Could this be mental? I have no idea, but try this: Add only 2 1/2 pounds next time you dead and see how that feels. If you have no problem add an additional 2 1/2 pounds the next time you do deads. Creep up on it instead of adding 10lbs. all at once.

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