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Deadlifting: Sumo Stance or Shoulder Width


i recently just deadlifted 500lbs (wide/sumo stance) just wondering the difference compared to like shoulder width? havent tried anythin other than my usual wide one.


I've always used neutral stance (shoulder width) but have tried sumo style recently, sumo felt a bit uncomfortable to me, but I think (maybe due to neural efficiency) that I can lift a bit more on shoulder width stance, prob opposite for you since you're used to sumo style.

I think sumo is the style you can lift more on though once you get used to it (isn't that the way powerlifters do it?)


It depends on your proportions (torso, leg and arm length)and which muscle groups (traps, legs and back) are stronger. It varies a lot for different people.


Doesnt sumo stance decrease the distance you have to move the bar, thereby making it slightly easier, because you are moving you body closer to the ground by spreading your legs out further.


Long torso= sumo
Short torso= conventional

Correct me if I'm wrong


From what i have been told -

Sumo = Leg & Glute Exercise

Normal = Overall Exercise.

I much prefer Sumo, thank you Pushmepullme !


One of the College Trainers in the gym i go to, said if your over 6ft odd then going all the way down and up on normal deadlifts is pretty hard to keep your form right. Was he right then ?


well, imo deadlifts should be dropped from the top position, re-gripped, and lifted OR lowered rapidly as to limit the eccentric.


i do both alternately but i'm stronger with conventional. must be because that's what i learned and often do first.


ya ive 6'5'' so sumo is ALOT easier for me...you guys are right with that. and less distance to move the bar. i heard shoulder width is more lower back too but i dont know for sure its really hard on my knees that way.


it depends on what you want to build. for overall back thickness, i would say that the shoulder stance is better, for hams/glutes, go with sumos.


Sumos use the Adductor group to aid in hip extension; conventional stance do not rely on these muscle groups as prime movers.


From the bb'ing perspective I would think the interest is -- for me certainly -- in how the lift aids back development and also hamstring development, primarily anyway.

And secondarily in having minimal tendency to cause physical problems.

I don't see where sumo is more advantageous for back development (for similar weights.) If anything less, since leaning forward less at the start. Conventional might well be better in that regard even if the weight were quite noticeably less. I also doubt that sumo is better for hamstrings. Probably not as good.

Powerlifters consider it harder on the hips.

On the other hand if conventional is just problematic for a given person and sumo is not, then that's another story.


i do sumo for back

but then again, i deadlift just to deadlift.

sumo doesn't decrease your ROM that much either. stand straight up, now stand with your legs spread apart like a sumo lift...theres like almost no difference.


I can definately pull more sumo. I have a shitty build for conv. deadlifts but a good build for squats. I think if you have a good build for squats your sumo will also be good.
I can definaetly pull more sumo. I liek the more hip engangement with sumo.
I do the modified stance though..
I really DISLIKE the ultra wide stance near plates.
Shins before rings is perfect.

Although I haven't pulled sumo in over 6 months
I find it's very important to have a strong lower back and hams, so people who do sumo shouldn't disregard conventional deadlifting.
Or at least after sumo deadlifts, i'd incorporate some SLDL's.


I can pull 50 pounds more sumo and I have a pretty short torso maybe its just cause my legs are a lot stronger and my back is pretty weak. Personally in terms of growth I think that conventional is king.


Sumo = Cheater
Conventional = Man

My hips scream like girls when I pull sumo and in strongman hands must be outside of knees so I rarely pull sumo.

Basically just pick one and get good at it, if you can pull 800 sumo I don't think anyone will question you.


Well, there is some false things being said.

First off sumo and conventional are used in different situations when it comes to power lifting and bodybuilding. I personally do not see any reason besides to change things up to do sumo if you are bodybuilding, but do not quote me.

However if you are power lifting, being tall or short really has nothing to do with sumo or staying conventional. It is your body structure, which is partly based on your height. Since, the idea of power lifting is to figure out the shortest strongest route, you have to look at your limbs and torso.

If you have a short torso, and long limbs, sumo might be the way to go. If you have a relatively equal torso to limbs you might want to stay conventional.

Even after this, most people will do what they please. If you want more information on this, either look for some articles on the subject by someone who knows there stuff or go over to Elitefts, and ask some of the bodybuilders/power lifters over there their opinion on it.


I use shoulder width. One of the guys at my gym told me I should, which he competes in powerlifting. My deadlift went up a good amount from doing that.


Maybe you're right..but then what about stiff leg deadlifts??..i thought they aimed for the leg and glutes...