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Deadlifting Sumo Off Plates: How?

ok here is my problem. i would like to start CT’s Deadlifting for Stubby Guys routine. I deadlift sumo style. the only way ive found that i can deadlift from a deficit is by doing it in the power rack.

But once i put a second plate on the ground to stand on, it slightly goes over the bottom on the powerrack and may slip during the set. and i need to get to an 8 inch deficit. i dont really know how many inches the plates our and such but, i was thinking if i deadlifted with 25s that would make a pretty big deficit, and then add a plate or 2 to stand on, but i dont even think thats 8 inches but i dunno.

how do you sumo guys pull from a deficit?

To DL sumo style you can create a deficit a number of ways. The two easiest are to use 35 lb plates, they create about an inch of a deficit. You can also get rubber matts (gyms often have them lying around) and stack a couple up on top of each other and do that.

You can use 25’s but that is a pretty big difference. You can use 25’s and also put 10’s on the ground so that the weights on the bar are on the 10’s, thus raising the bar about a half an inch. It is a little nosy doing a bunch of reps.

The biggest deficit I would do is about 4" (normal height is 8" off the ground), you can accomplish this by standing on an aerobics step, although I haven’t tried that sumo style, it works great for conventional. Get creative and you will come up with something.

Why do you need to get an eight inch deficit? That sounds overly large to me. If you use rubberized plates they won’t slip, but I suppose that’s dependent on having rubberized plates.

A. Deadlift standing on an 8" platform

8 sounds like alot but thats what it says

The best suggestion I could give you is just train conventional for the duration of this program at least. I generally train conventional and pull sumo in meets. I think if you train for powerlifting squats it works out well. My carry over from conventional deadlifts to sumo’s in my squat suit is like 125 lbs too… a nice bonus lol.

I really struggle with why you would want to pull sumo from a deficit. In particular from eight inches.

The reason being most people have trouble getting their hips down and close enough to the bar to begin with. Hell, it takes me 5-6 warm up sets to even be able to sit back all the way.

Unless you are a 95# female gymnast, I can’t imagine you have enough hip flexibility to do this without basically turning it into a wide stance stiff leg which would be ridiculous and as I am running the mechanics of that through my head, a marvelous way to FUBAR your SI joint.

Without reading the article, I’ve gotta think he is referring to convential pulls from a deficit.

If not, spank my ass and call me Betty because I am speechless.

i asked him he said a 4-6 inch deficit would be better for sumo, so i should be able to do that ok

Don’t go any higher than 2 inches for sumo style. 35’s work perfect. Unless of course you want to destroy your back then be my guest.

[quote]Julius_Caesar wrote:
Don’t go any higher than 2 inches for sumo style. 35’s work perfect. Unless of course you want to destroy your back then be my guest.[/quote]

ill play it by ear. ill just go see how it feels a little more of a deficit than that. dosent feel to good for me, then of coarse ill lower it