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Deadlifting Substitute?


So i recently joined a 24 fitness gym, and the sad thing is that they use decagon plates which makes deadlifting almost impossible since the weight has to re-adjusted everytime it's on the floor. So my question is are there any exercises or movements that replicates deadlift? So far, I've came up with Rack Pulls, which is essentially the top portion of the deadlift. And also hyperextensions since they target the lower back/erector as deadlifts do.


Did you join Life Time Fitness? Yeah its a bitch doing dead lifts with those plates..


By no means a true alternative to a deadlift, but give Good Mornings a try.


Hmmmm, I dunno...maybe pull throughs?


Why not just do singles or RDLs?


Just do deadlifts to floor touch instead of setting the weight every rep. If nothing else your forearms will love you more :wink:


I have never used decagon shaped plates but would it be possible to put down a couple sit up mats or something on the floor to provide padding? I put one on each side to reduce floor damage and it would seem that this might also be beneficial to you but again, I don't use decagon plates. Not sure if this would even help.


try a snatch grip bent and str8 leg deadlifts from a platform maybe standin on a few plates. imho theyll stimulate more overall muscle mass and they are brutally hard. i highly recommend straps on this movement being that youll not be letting the weights touch the floor, u could also try dimel deadlifts or the dumbell version.
another suggestion squat hard and heavy(if u dont already) front squat, zercher squat (a real hardcore's exercise)


You could use smaller sized plates or stand on a step or riser. You could also try dumbbell deadlifts but I am not a fan of those.


Don't let the plates hold you back from deadlifting. I also work out at 24-Hour Fitness and have to deal with the decagon plates, but I'm still doing my deadlifts. As someone has already mentioned, doing singles or simply touching the floor (rather than setting it back down) will help tremendously.


Find a real gym.


Use the decagon plates anyways.


there is no real substitute to DL's Good luck.


i struggle with this at my gym..just do them anyhow and rearrange the plates after everyset.....or set the bar on the lowest possible setting of the power rack.


decagon plates don't stop me from deadlifting and letting the bar rest on the floor for a second.


Just do rack pulls while standing on a few plates or a low box etc. I think that's what Jeremy Frey used to do.


You could use dumbbells for substitution purposes, however when the weight increases, this will become a burden and more of an annoyance than a mass building exercise. The best bet you have could be dumbbell power cleans. Not the same motion, however it does incorporate similar or if not the same muscles in action. The weight will not matter as long as you can load it up. I recommend a spotter on this exercise due to excessive weight can cause you to lose a step, and fall backwards. I've seen it happen, not a pleasant sight.

You can add in the jerk portion, this is up to you.



Try to control the descent to help prevent the weights and bar from moving all over the place when you set the bar down. I know it's a pain in the ass when one side is a foot out in front of the other, but I just try to make do the best I can.

Rack pulls from the lowest pin setting would probably be the closest alternative I can think of, though.


You can try the DC style dead lifts. If you have a plate loaded shrug machine, you can grab the lower handles (assuming the model has 2 sets of handles, 1 for seated and 1 for standing), while facing the machine and do dead lifts. It is similar to trap bar dead lifts or rack pulls, but easier. It is working well for me right now.

The only problem is that you can max out the weights easily/quickly. I maxed out 6 plates per side in a couple of months.


I'm checking out a new gym tomorrow that has a lot of machines. I'm hoping they have this one (along with the HS flat bench..I pray to god that that machine works well for me)