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Deadlifting styles

What are peoples thoughts and opinions on the different types of deadlifting styles. An example would be conventional, sumo style etc.

Finally! A powerlifting-type question! My thoughts are that they are both good. It varies from individual to individual, but I like sumo deads for moving more weight (closer to my center of gravity). I can do about 525 this way, as opposed to 485 conventional. This way will also work your legs a bit more. I think they are both good. The conventional method is often seen as the bodybuilding way, but some PL’s do it too. I say generally do what you like better, then occasionally switch

It really depends on how you’re built. Short legged guys have a hard time with sumo. Long legged guys have an easier time with sumo but long legged, long armed guys have an easier time with conventional. The best build for sumo is probably someone with long legs(femurs), medium arms and very wide hips…but this is just my opinion.
The best build for conventional is long lower legs, short femurs, short torso and long arms.

I will never do sumo style deadlifts again, and would never recommend doing them. Im pretty certain thats what caused my biceptal tendonitous. From now on ill stick to the Deadlifting style described by Ian King.

I like conventional. I tried sumo before but hated the way my hands dragged against my thighs when doing it. I’ve been doing conventional for over a year and its my favorite exercise.

A conventional style deadlift will put a little more emphasis on the quads vs the hips for the sumo style. It’s a very similar situation to what happens with a olympic style squat and a powerlifting squat. I personally use the conventional style DL because my ass is big enough as it is.

Which way would be most beneficial to gaining functional strength - for nhb fighting/grappling?

Im going to start a strength program and had this very same question in the back of my head. But my interest is which method is better? from straight leg deadlift or the power clean approach(crouching position)?

Being tall, I like sumo style because i can handle 50-75 lbs more than conventional. But i recently switched back to conventional because I want the fuller range of motion.

Agreeing with Kelly again … the best choice between sumo and conventional is dictated by body proportions - the style for you is the one that puts your ankles, knees and hips in the straightest line in the ready to dl position. I have never tried Sumo but understand it takes some pressure off the back. Straight legged deadlifts are probably best for core strength but have a higher risk of injury. As far as functional strength/nhb goes, IMO, conventional dl for a balance of leg, hip and core work.

I find sumo style better suited for my body type.

Deads are great in either sumo or conventional. It’s my opinion tht those persons having issues with sumos need to work on stretching and preping for this exercise. I do deads in sets of 50% of my max (425)10 sets of 10 with 1 minute rest for 6 weeks. then I up the weight to 315 and work 10 sets of 3 for 6 weeks. Then I work the same routine but add 4 large pulls until I hit the max. Week one and two I hit my old max. Week three and four I take it up 10 pounds per week until I get stuck at a weight.I spend weeks 5&6 attempting to surpass this sticking point.
At the end of this cycle I go back to 6 weeks of summos same program as above. Peace