Deadlifting Standard Bar

I workout at home. I currently have taken a liken’ to Deadlifting. The weight I am lifting is really light, I am more focused on technique, execution, and healing old injuries. My question is how long can I expect my bar to last? I have a standard Olympic bar I got with 345lbs of weight. I have a half-assed lifting platform setup right now that I am using, which basically equates to gym mats under the weights so when the weight comes down I don’t shatter the plates or damage my garage floor. Will this bar be able to take the abuse…?

Any insight?

Put some plyewood under your mats. A normal “crappy” bar will hold around 800 lbs before it starts to deform beyond repair. As long as you are not dropping it from overhead it should be fine. Also it will deform much sooner if you are using it in a power rack with the pins hitting the bar as opposed to the floor or pulling blocks.