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Deadlifting Socks

I keep cutting my legs up when I dead lift. Its summer here now and its too hot to wear track pants. I was thinking about getting deadlifting socks, do they work? or would normal long socks like hike socks work just as well? Or would something else be better?

Something slick/smooth that won’t catch the bar would be best. SBD is basic but does the job. Soccer socks are good also. A solid pair of tights also do the job.

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After getting an infection in one of the scrapes on my shin I started wearing deadlift socks. If you are going to be lifting for years, it seems like a negligible purchase.

I use a pair of cheap plastic/foam soccer shin guards to deadlift.

I got some SBD socks hopefully they work, I also watched the video but I’m kinda wary of youtubers and form videos. There are so many out there all telling you different things some are just trying to reinvent the wheel.

I wear deadlift socks because they’re required in comp.

But most of my “deadlift socks” are just basically over the calf soccer socks or baseball socks.

I dunno if they have it in your region, but Moxy has a random 3-pack sale for 17 bucks on Amazon.

I spent around that but for two but it cost me an extra $10 in shipping! But i guess it saves me from going to the shops.

And they are red so that should add 10kgs to the bar shouldn’t it :wink: ?

Yeah and I guess you get to pick what socks you get ahah.

I got these weird Captain American socks that are Orange and Purple instead of Blue/Red, a pair of red grenade ones, and a pink/green skull one with barbells that says “power”

Haha I dont think I’m man enough to pull of the pink/green skull socks!

ur shins shouldn’t be getting truly destroyed.

I’ve bled all over the place to be fair but that was from using a deadlift bar which is extra scratchy.

Scraping will happen but with socks or some other layer of protection is no issue. If ur bruising up from impact or tearing up through a layer of protection than u may wanna re examine technique.

Nar they arnt getting bruised and only on my right leg not my left leg and its not all the time. It just feels like it heals then happens again.

have you considered that this is a technique problem? You definitely shouldn’t be different on each side.

Anyway, socks are socks. You’re overthinking this. Just wear long socks. I’ve been competing for years at a very high level, I’ve invested plenty of cash into equipment, and I can’t imagine actually feeling the need to purchase deadlift-specific socks unless I was required to do so to compete.

Side note: If you wear neoprene knee sleeves in the gym, I’ve seen people just slide them down to the shins for deadlifting. That seems to work just fine too.



You’re welcome

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Yep I’m going to focus on when its happening in my next couple of sessions in a hope to correct it