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Deadlifting Shoes

hello, i deadlift without shoes as it feels better on my feet. but in my high school where our football coach sees us deadlift, we need shoes.

i was wondering if there’s gonna be a loss in strength?

also, the post before this (MUST INCREASE DEADLIFT!) was accidental.

Get a pair of Chuck Taylor’s, standard deadlifting shoe. You may feel weird at first wearing shoes and it may take a few workouts to get use to it but I doubt you’ll lose strength.

Depending on the staff working I sometimes D/L with shoes (stricter staff working) and without (lenient staff). I’m use to both and now I feel fine either way and there isn’t a strength gap.

I enjoy using Vibram fivefingers however haven’t tried Chuck’s to compare. Just another suggestion. There is a lot of talk in other forums about Vibrams, no need to take another forum up about them.

Chuck’s are dirt cheap, so why bother with Vibrams?

I prefer my Chuck’s than my Five Fingers when deadlifting or training.

vibrams are closest to barefeet. Then wrestling shoes. Then chucks.

wrestling shoes look cool. i might get some.

i wear some nike sparq trainers. i guess they aren’t as ideal as barefoot or vibrams, but they have a lower heel than any other shoe i’ve worn

[quote]therajraj wrote:
Chuck’s are dirt cheap, so why bother with Vibrams? [/quote]

Like I said before, just another suggestion.