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Deadlifting Shoes for Size 15, 2E-3E Feet

I’m trying to get some good deadlifting shoes, but the best option I found in my search was the Sabo Deadlift Pro. The largest size was 14.5, which was long enough (barely) but nowhere near wide enough. It was like wearing ice skates. Anyone have any other suggestions?

I wear size 12 Chuck Taylors. They have a nice flat sole, so good contact with the platform. Not sure if they’d be wide enough for you, though, but being a mainstream brand means you can try them on before you buy.

Unfortunately their wide shoes only go up to 13. I suppose there’s no harm trying their regular shoes in a 15, but I’m pretty sure my feet are too wide for any normal width shoe.

Here’s my glorious flipper.

I kinda like slippers for the deadlift. Just the lounge type. Thin sole, comfortable. Not the best sorry though if you need that.

That foot looks familiar…

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Dad, is that you?! XD So I went and ordered a pair of 13 W Chuck Taylor All Stars (which supposedly run large, so we’ll see) and 15 W ASICS Snapdown 3s.

Well, for any other lifters with giant feet, I have now tried:

  • Sabo Deadlift Pro, 14.5. Way too narrow, forget it.
  • ASICS Snapdown 3, 15 Wide. All around too small, couldn’t get my foot into the shoe.
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, 13 Wide. I removed the inserts. Just about fits. My left foot is slightly larger, and that one is uncomfortable, but workable. Definitely wouldn’t want to wear them all day.