Deadlifting shin protection

Currently use shinguards when deadlifting. Without them my shins get scraped and cut. Clothes stick, etc. currently using shin guards but bar often gets caught on them.

If any of you have experience using deadlifting socks, do they protect your shins very well?

And before anyone remarks that cutting your shins is a mark of manhood- I work in an operating room and the oozing from my shins is an infectious risk

Appreciate your input

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Is the bar getting caught on the way up, or the way down?
Are you dragging the bar up your shins?
Is the bar knurled where you shins are?

Yes, these work pretty well in my experience. You might also try looking at your starting position. Most people will probably be best served starting with the bar over the mid foot so you really shouldn’t be consistently dragging the bar up your shins.

I think some of my problem is form. Try to work on knee extension when coming up. If I don’t do that as well, I drag the bar when I’m coming up. More of a problem with lighter weights. Seems like not as much of an issue as I increase the weight. The knurling on the bar is a little rough- which doesn’t help. I’m probably getting in my own head a little. I think about scraping my shins and lose some form

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In comp I use these socks

they are actually BMX socks and have a shin guard built in to them. They work really well. In training I just pull up my normal sport socks as far as they will go and deal with the occasional blood stain.


I used to use Knee Sleeves when I deadlifted, slide them down to the ankles and it covers most of the shin, worked pretty well. Also has multi usage

Also, It could possibly be a positional issue like others stated. Imo, I believe you got to start with the bar as close to the shins as possible without scraping it. A lot simpler said than done obviously

I used to start over mid foot but the issue I always ran into is that my body always automatically tries to recorrect and pull the bar into my body anyways.