deadlifting question

When deadlifting, does it make a difference whether or not I touch the plates to the floor between reps? I’ve heard differing opinions. For instance, I know Dorian Yates performs his reps in “constant tension” fashion, whereas others “touch and go”. Any input to whether this matters or not?

If you’re lifting close to your 1 RM, it will be impossible not to lower the bar to the floor between reps. I guess if you’re using a light weight, you could do successive reps without touching down. The way I perform DL’s I lower the bar to the floor after each rep, straighten my legs and take in a large gulp of air (it’s hard to take a big breathe if you’re scrunched on the floor). Then I reset my position for pulling from the floor, including a quick reset on my grip if necessary. Then a quick re-tightening of glutes, sphincter, abs and rhomboids a second before the next pull. I re-launch by pushing my heels through the floor, continuing to squeeze my glutes and lifting my chest (make sure your hips don’t rise before your shoulders). As the bar clears my knees, I thrust my hips forward.

for the love of god, if you are deadlifting anything more than the bar, let the plates hit the floor. There IS no negative component to the deadlift so no sense to lower any slower than you need to prevent damaging the floor.

Hey, I never thought of taking a bodybuilders advice on powerlifting, good idea.

I’ve read Poliquin state that letting the plates touch on the ground is a variation on a given deadlifting technique that can greatly increase the stress on the posterior chain.

To say that there are no circumstances under which you would not have the weight touch the floor between reps is a little short sighted. Personally, I view it as a progression. Assuming your training is planned out (read periodized) properly, the variation of touching the weights to the floor could be added after you’ve moved through improving all strength sub-qualities first.

You may even find it more appropriate to use the weights-to-the-floor approach for power training like compensatory acceleration training. Still, you would want somewhat of an myotatic stretch reflex, depending on the lift, so touching the weights may be appropriate but resting them for more than 1 second could defeat the purpose of that type of training.

That said I make the assumption that you would only be touching the weights on the floor, not resting them for a period of time between reps. If that’s the case, then all it will do is increase the range of motion and that’s always good in my books assuming there’s no underlying pathology.

So “touching” the weight, while maintaining “constant tension” may be the best best for bodybuilding and some strength training protocols. Still, resting the weight between reps will have a dramatic effect on strength and in my experience, that always seems to translate into esthetics.

Lasty, the style of deadlift will also determine whether the weights should touch or not. For Traditional deadlifts (Search T-mag on “King Deadlifts” for a description), touching/resting the weights is generally indicated.

For Romanian Deadlifts, it’s hard to say without knowing whether or not you can accomodate that range of motion without your form breaking down. Often, trainees tend to round there back (spinal flexion) when the range is too great.

Stiff Legged Deads seem to be most conducive to “constant tension” and bodybuilding. It would be interesting to know what style Yates used. Most likely Stiff Legged as it transfers to bodybuilding best.

Sorry to go on ad nauseum, but dead’s are my faves. Rob

each repetition of deadlifts should be started from the floor. I don’t mean to bounce the weight off the floor either. There is an actual way of putting ina negative component to the deadlift by lowering the bar in a controlled manner. I like to do regular deadlifts and then lower the bar in a stiff legged manner. this helps me stretch the hamstings and lower back and it sure as heck is a great eccentric motion. Now the power clean is an excercise that has no negative. laters pk