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Deadlifting Properly

where can i find good videos on proper deadlifting?

Have you heard of a place called Youtube?

Second on YouTube.

Rippetoe’s Starting Strength wiki isn’t bad either.

Start here, because, well, I think you could use it: http://startingstrength.wikia.com/wiki/Wit_and_Wisdom_of_Mark_Rippetoe

Then here: http://startingstrength.wikia.com/wiki/Deadlift_Videos

The internet.

its a 9 part video series. and it covers the squat, deadlift, and bench.

elifts have some good videos you can torrent

get Rippetoe’s or Dan John’s DVD

http://www.youtube.com/achillesliftalot#p/u/3/MzwC6CBDbL4 heres a vid of me pulling 500. I like to think i have pretty nice form. However i did pull my grip in about 4 fingers this week and turned the 500x1 to 500x4

Get yourself setup by orienting the bar over your midfoot, bending down while rounding the back and getting a good stretch in the hamstrings, and then squat down, sitting back until the bar is touching the shins.

To start the lift, take a huge breath of air into your stomach, hold your breath and simultaneously arch your back by forcing it back and somewhat up. stand up with your quads, squeeze glutes together and forward to lockout.

as long as you keep the bar close to your body at all times, arms locked out and back tight and arched and make no jerky movements you should be fine for now.

probably doesn’t contain anything he hasnt covered in other videos though