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Deadlifting Problems


Does anyone else have super short legs and when they deadlift it looks really weird because my torso looks super long compared to my bent legs or is this just the result of my my friends tell me to squat down and grab the bar with a high chest.

My form on deadlift has always been ugly with a rounded back. I can keep it arched in the beginning of the lift, however when i start to move the weight my back rounds again.

I am trying to keep my chest up and but down but it looks so much different than everyone elses form it looks more like a squat, also in this position it is SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE. I mean i sweat before the set because of how hard it is to keep that position.

Any tips with guys who have Long torso + short legs?


A video would be very helpful


I feel like I have a long torso and short legs but Im not a goodmdeadlifter so I'm in on this too lol


I have the same prob... I wouldn't say it's super uncomfortable, but there's probably like a 150 lbs discrepancy between good form and rounded or w/ the hips up way too fast. Don't have a solution, but here's some reading:



The pwnisher also has a video floating around where he always says to bring the feet closer together.


Experiment with every kind of DL form you can imagine....

Practice getting in and out of start position. One day I just went crazy on the barbell dropping down and gripping it getting into a position for double overhand, going up and down again switching to a mix grip, up and down rotate to the alternate hand mix grip...repeat 50 times. It looks retarded but helps to learn positioning. Like you I can get tired out just maintaining start so I want to be able to set up FAST.

Focus on the visualization and idea of a see-saw. It's kind of like the barbell pushing on you which in turn helps to bring it up. Hard to explain but that's when I felt my deadlift form "click" for me.

Semi-sumo is not a sin. Try it.

When setting up do NOT focus on your back...feel your ass getting into position and focus on that part of the set up while the back sets itself up.

Lastly, LOCK your lets. Find a YouTube vid by Michael tuchscherer on this.