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Deadlifting Outside

A week or two ago I started weightlifting again outside ( after not lifting for a good three weeks ). My deadlift has went down a good 30 pounds and I don’t know why… I have taken breaks from lifting before and my deadlift has always stayed the same or went up (which doesn’t really make sense… I’m 17 so I suppose I’m still growing and getting stronger naturally)

The only thing I can think that would make it go down would maybe be the fact that I’m wearing shoes now ( a cheap zellers version of chuck taylors ) and that I’m doing my deadlifts in the gravel driveway… But thirty pounds seems like a huge drop, could the extra inch from the shoes and the kind of uneven ground cause the drop in weight?

hmm interesting

Achilles is a self glorifying hack.

Dude, if I sleep wrong for a few days in a row, have a shit load of stress or don’t eat right I can lose pounds off my stuff.

It’s not the end of the world, just work back to where you were and past it.

[quote]Petermus wrote:
hmm interesting

Achilles is a self glorifying hack.[/quote]

Haha this is true… but he owns in troy…

I’m not worried about the drop in weight I was just more or less curious about how deadlifting on a really uneven surface would affect my deadlift numbers. Ah well.