Deadlifting or Squating After a Spinal Fusion?

I will be getting a anterior/posterior fusion between L5 and S1 in December. I am in need of some good news so someone tell me that that after I am healed I can resume my 5/3/1. I hate to think I would have to build a beach bod with no leg work. My L5 is slipping out and making my left leg numb and lame.

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BBB I will talk to the neuro surgeon about this. If you could send me some info to use for ammo, that would be appreciated. In reality I very much want to keep up the powerlifting. I am a numbers guy for motivation. Thats just me.

On another note do you remember a while back when I ran a post about how difficult it was for me to give ventro glutes shots? Well it turns out I have had spondylolysis for a long time. This is why I had trouble turning my trunk to pin on the side or rear. I just figured everyone had that problem. I am so excited to get this fixed.

Will a fusion be strong? My doc knows me and says he has to go front and back for the fusion so its strong. Has anyone here or anyone you know powerlifted after a fusion.

I dont know about power lifting, but I do know that Randy Couture and Nate Marquardt both had spinal fusion’s and continue to fight in high level MMA.

Hopefully that make you feel abit better. I know it does me as I have bulging disc and have been out for 9 months.

Take care