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Deadlifting Issues


Deadlifts are an exercise i love but its hard for me to stay consistantly doing them with all of the other football stuff such as cleans which i hate. i can do sumos more often than conventional, but i like conventional more and im stronger conventional

so i went and deadlifted today (conventional) and i pulled really really well. i could have possibly pulled 500 but i didnt go any higher than 405. the reason is my lower back kept rounding.

its like i would get a great drive up then about half way up it would just round out which i hate cause i know its bad form and will hurt me later on.

as i went on i widene my base to just about shoulder width or possibly slightly outside shoulder width and it help me keep my back more strict but it still rounded more than I want.

do i just need to get back into doing them more often to keep my form and so my lower back gets stronger and stays strict like i like it or is it something else i need to concentrate on in form?

i know my lower back cant be weak cause i do good mornings, SLDL, RDL, and weighted hyperextensions out the ass so i know it gets worked and is strong.

im thinking it is just more of a mechanics thing that i need to get back into. any other oppinions on what it might be?


When I can pull more than 500 then I will give you advice, so expect it around july of 2007


I have problems with my back rounding as well.

In general, this is a good article. My back still rounds some, though, especially when I'm pulling close to my maximum.


I've also found that trying to pull the bar "in" rather than "up" helps keep my back arched for some reason.

Dan "Dumbass who dropped a plate on his toe today" McVicker


First of all, don't hate the clean. Since I have prioritized more olympic lifting my Deadlift total has gone up from 510 to 560, and that's with only deadlifting maybe once every 2 weeks.

Second of all it is going to be very very difficult for anyone to critique your form here without any video. That being said, are you sure it's your lower back that is rounding? Could your upper back be weak? How are your bent over row numbers?


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yeah i know its tough without video, but im pretty sure its my lower to md back rounding over cause i can feel it.

as far as rowing numbers

im currently doing the 10x3 routine with 275 and i can hammer strength row 4 plates perside for sets of 5 reps after doing all the regular rows. ive also cable rows the entire stack of 250 for reps, so i think my row numbers are dencet i still want them to catch my bench numbers but that takes alot of work considering ive ben benching for 6 years but only rowing for 2

im thinking its a bacis mechanics thing that i need to just continue to develop.

btw i hate cleans cause i think its an overrated exercise by lack of kowledge among strength coaches. many coaches dont know how to develop good leg explosion exercises so they preach the clean. when i found out about dynamic squats and boxes i was in heaven. The clean is tremendously form oriented. so you can be tremendously powerful bu have bad form and cant clean shit.

me and this other defensive lineman are the strong gest guys on the team in each of the 4 lifts, bench incline and squat me and him are one and two in each category but we both only cleaned like 285 cause we have bad form. and people way smaller and weaker than use clean more so thats why i think its a good exercise but overrated. and trust me no one doubts mine and the other guys explosiveness off the ball.


i'm no expert, but i did stay at a holiday inn express last night.

benching for 6 and rowing for 2. how long have you been DLing? keep in mind that you're not going to pull 600 overnight.

those rowing numbers look pretty impressive, but how do they compare to your bench? several coaches on here preach balance, and i am guessing that you can bench more than 275 x 10 x 3, yes?

regarding the clean: a good clean is very dependent on good form. BUT, you can't just have good form and clean a boatload - it still requires explosive strength. and the mechanics of the power clean are very similar to what is required for football. there are a multitude of reasons coaches like it so much.



your back is strong when its straight only, you could incorporate rolled back DL off pins, good morn. squats-these suck but will help, Zurcher squats and pull throughs, also dont forget explosive speed work often.

also dont forget lifting off blocks, or just use 25# plates only to increase ROM.

ALSO ab strength, do stiff leg hanging leg raises, close feet and wide feet.
hope this helps,jon


r u calling me a bastard????..lol

ah yeah when i was at my strongest at the end of may i was using 335 for 10x3 on bench, but i had to take a month off from working out, personal issues and our school gym being closed so now im only doing 305, ill try 315 next week.

ive been deadlifitng off and on for about 4 years now. i do mainly straightleg and romanina and the past year or so its been a lot of sumo deads, but i love pulling conventional and its been kinda difficult to work it in my routine. at my strongest I could deadlift about 550. its really close to the season to be trying to pull 600 pounds but i def want to get back into it to keep my posterior chain strong throughout the season.


those are some shiny ass plates....


If you want to see how a DL is done, go check out DW's thread under Physique and Performance Images.

disclaimer For anyone new guys who thought that was serious, check out his DL videos for examples of how NOT to do a DL.