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Deadlifting in Olympic Lifting Shoes

I pull conventional most of the time, does anybody else like to deadlift with a heeled shoe. I feel like the bottom position of my pull has a lot of knee drive, compared to when I have a flat shoe on. Anybody else do this? or have any advice?

May feel good but turns into more of a clean pull i.e. less posterior chain = less efficient = less weight. If you’re not a powerlifter go ahead. If it feels good you’ll overload the exercise safely long term and make all kinds of gains.

Most people’s gripe is the raised heel turns it into a deficit. IMO it’s not that much and if it feels better then it get’s cancelled out by the better pull overall.

Also Oly shoes pitch people forward when transitioning from flats so many give it up before really adjusting and giving it a proper go.

If you are a powerlifter would recommend going flat shoes and tweaking form until you find the same or similar feeling pull and using that. Couple of pounds difference is worth it. Maybe try starting the bar closer to your shins or with hips lower.

Pulled with bar starting over midfoot for a while when I started lifting like Rippetoe says to. One day decided to try starting the bar closer to my shin. Ended up with a better pull overall, tighter, faster and less stress on my back. Small changes mane… they can make a big difference.


Don’t pull in heeled shoes.

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Yeah. Do either deadlift without the WL shoes or clean pull/high pull/clean deadlifts. Wich one is better depends on your goals.

I’ve seen guys at meets deadlifting in oly shoes. I would suggest against it.

I’d recommend not. I think Joe Schillero started pulling in oly shoes but that’s the only person I can think of. If you need more leg drive the first thing I’d look at is how high your hips are at the start of the pull. If you need to drop them, I often find that moving the bar closer to your shins helps. Personally I start with the bar on my shins and drag it up them. That was a game changer for me.