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Deadlifting in First Floor


The gym I am currently going has all the free weights on the first floor. Do you think it would be possible to deadlift without, you know, going down to pick the barbell from the front desk?
The weight will be high 4's-low 5's.


What are you talking about?


It would probably be a lot easier to deadlift with said barbell.




Personally I would just go to the middle floor near a window.


What sort of gym requires you to check out the bars.... if you can deadlift in the 5's, I think you would know not to belong to a gym like that. Although maybe this guy is talking about 4 or 5 pounds.... maybe you have to check out the 1 pound plates from the front desk, strap them to a pencil and deadlift like that.


The only way I can decipher this is if OP is using the counting system of floors used by very few people I know that would make the ground floor zero, the floor above it the first, as in the "first floor up." This would make the question about deadlifting without having to worry about the bar going through the floor and down to the front desk -- the front desk being located on the ground floor, below the first.

If that is not what is being asked, I have not the slightest idea what it could be. And the answer to that problem is, don't worry about it. The floor should be able to take it just fine. I've lifted in gyms that were built above apartments and it never prevented people from pulling 700+ lbs there.


I'm pretty sure what he means is that he would have to go to the front desk to get the bar since 4-500 lbs would break the floor, and go down to the front desk, which is on the ground floor, not first floor. Jesus Christ.


Why would he have to go to front desk if HE just fell through the floor pulling 500 lbs? Wouldn't he be holding the bar or if not, at least loading the bar when it fell through?

OP help us out?


Gah, why can't people just give the kid a straight answer?

It's one thing for him to be stupid, it doesn't mean everyone else has to be too - don't tell me none of you knew what he meant.

He just wants to know if it's safe to deadlift on the first floor.

OP, is there a platform for deadlifting/oly lifts? If not, then just ask someone if it's safe. Human beings had this thing that we used before the internet came along called verbal communication. Test it out on the staff at your gym.


I honestly had no idea what the fuck he was talking about.


And how the fuck are we supposed to be able to help him unless we were personally involved in the construction of the building he works out in and know its structural limits?


Yeah man.. what are you talking about. The first floor is always the ground floor. And who cares if in whatever fucked up language first floor actually means second floor, I've deadlifted on plenty of second and third floors just fine. And lastly, this is a question for his gym, not us. I have no idea how his building is constructed and thus cannot comment on load capacity per square foot of this magical "first floor is actually a second floor" building


Actually, "first floor" means one floor up in many countries outside of the US. I'm sure this is what the OP means.

To the OP, if the gym has the free weights on the "first floor," I would go ahead and deadlift with whatever weight you use unless you're told not to. Seek forgiveness, not permission.


This is what i meant. No, there is not some kind of platform and the people who work there are some chubby girls.I'm pretty sure they dont know what a deadlift is... :stuck_out_tongue:


Get a new gym.

And the people in this thread...LOL


I would like to, but 99% of gyms here in Greece are like this. I'm just glad it has a power rack...


I'm sure if you look hard enough you can find one. The best gyms in the world are sometimes the hardest to find.


Best thread ever, impressive DL's btw :slight_smile:


I love Americans that have never left Nebraska...