Deadlifting in a Not So DL Friendly Gym

[quote]LiveFromThe781 wrote:
dont be a runner either[/quote]

Yeah, loved that one too. Used to be a powerlifter and is now a runner.

Working in sports medicine, I saw exponentially way more injuries in runners vs any kind of weight lifter.

Where are you possibly going to find 300 pounds of weights for less than 50 cents a pound? That is absurd. Also bumper plates are mighty expensive and obviously a pain in the ass to haul around with you.

My solution is to put down ab mats under the weights on each side of the bar. It might take 2-4 layers of them. This will 1) stop the noise and banging 2) simulate a real deadlift bar that bends more than a power bar on the initial pull. If you wish to minimize the advantage you get from this then simply stand on 1" - 2" of boards to make up for it.

sorry took so long, but couldn’t find you a better deal. Never got to familiar with Wasilla honestly. Preferred Kodiak or Ketchikan when I ventured outside the city.

You could take the chance with Edge fitness or Alaska club. But it’s really going to vary depending on whose working what hours.


You may have to start looking at getting some buddies together and doing the Elite FTS thing to keep progress moving forward.

Unless you want to start doing the Anchorage commute thing? But that’s like a half hour drive time if I remember correctly.

You could always get a couple buddies together (or put up an ad) and put together a little “gym” in a storage facility or someone’s garage.

something kind of funny.

i train at a Ballys but theyre so hardcore about incorporating deadlifts into their training there. like all the trainers actually make their clients do deadlifts but none of the trainers actually know how to deadlift. most of them end up being some kind of arched back SLDL and my face grimaces when i see it.

i just think its funny that a Ballys of all places would be into that kind of thing.

What’s wrong with an arched back SLDL? It’s actually an incredibly good exercise.

Before I moved I trained in a gym where loud noises were not really tolerated. For the deadlifts I used 2 workout mats to lower the noise.

Just improvise.