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Deadlifting in 5/3/1


So I'm doing 5/3/1 at the moment, you can see my log in training logs. But I have a question about the final set of the deadlifts:

-How much time do you allow to 'reset' between reps on the final set? Touch 'n' go? Keep a deathgrip on the bar the whole time? Set the weight down, reset your position/grip and go? Give yourself a second?

Which one I do makes a decent difference to how many reps I get - last week I struggled to make 4 with my '3' weight, while today, on '531' day, I got 4 reps on my last set, possibly because I was taking fractionally more reset time. But is there an option that's more/less beneficial to my lifting in the long term?


I think both are fine. Whichever one is easier and/or less beneficial you'll make up by getting more reps so it evens out in the end.


I would always rest a couple minutes more for my last set. During the last set I would perform the reps completely stopping and resetting at the bottom. No more time, no less time. My hands always stay on the bar.


This: "Set the weight down, reset your position/grip and go"

From the Q&A at elitefts, I generally gather that Jim prefers some pause (not a bounce), but it is to reset rather than rest.


I used to touch and go all the time on the deadlift and mostly what I got was back pain from my form disintegrating throughout the set. I don't rest, by any means between reps, but I take the weight down, and without removing my grip, squat back down to the starting position and do another rep as if it was my first. I've made much better gains since doing this than doing the touch and go.


This is definitely majoring in the minors. Take a second, clear your head, and rip that shit off the floor my dude.

DON'T touch and go.


That's why it's called a deadlift


There is a section in his book about this.....


Reset and pull hard.


Cheers for all the answers. I was certainly finding that if I tried to touch and go my form would go to shit and I'd feel like my back was about to go out. Much appreciated.