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Deadlifting Help


i posted a video a couple of weeks ago of my deadlift. I got some good comments, but most people thought it looked too light to really break down my form.
Ive posted a video deadlifting with some heavier weight, i cant go much heavier because of my lower back pain. Watching the video myself, i think i round my back once i get the bar past my knees
Would anyone agreee? If they do or they can see other problems, what should i be working on to correct them?


your hips are rising too fast and you are turning it into a straight leg deadlift. A lot of times this happens because people try to lift the weight vertically (causing the weight to stay to far out front). You need to think about the deadlift as pulling the weight up and back as if you are falling backward while standing up.

Here's a cue...before pulling off the ground rock your weight onto your heels and pick both big toes up.


i would suggest you truing sumo style, i was pulling just like you, and found that actually sumo was my style :slight_smile:


Keep your chest up and arch tight, think about leading with your chest.


Great advice. I didn't even know I really did this till a friend watching me lift commented on how he would implement it into his form, but as I prepare, the few seconds before the actual pull, it looks like i'm trying to dig my heels into the ground to pull, almost like I'm involved in a tug-of-war; digging heals in and then almost sitting down as I pull. So yes, think of it in horizontal movement as well as vertical movement.


Thanks for the help! ill give that cue a go when i deadlift next and let you know how it goes


You went down and grabed the bar twice before you committed to the deadlift. This may not seem like a big deal but it could be. If you spend too much time at the bar just looking at it you could lose your mental edge. I used to do the same thing. I've found that a methodical approach to the lift is best.

My approach is to:
1) walk up to the bar and set my feet
2) visualualize butt down chest up. (this visual cue seems to work for me)
3) take a deep breath, grip, and go.