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Deadlifting From Below the Floor


Rack pulls are great, but i rarely have difficulty getting a bar thats at my knees to my waist. Right now i have the most trouble getting the bar off the floor. I have read about people with similar trouble deadlifting with the bar below where it would start, but i am not sure how to set things up.

How do people use the equipment in their gyms for this? (piles of plates? pedestals? )


Usually you either stand on a suitable bumper plate, or you use a wooden block around 3ft x 2ft and 3-5inch thick. If you just stating this exercise I'd keep the platform lower i.e ~3inch thick.
One other thing you might be able to do is get a series of 1inch blocks (boards) and just add an inch deficit per week (keep same weight on bar) until you get to, say, 4 or 5inch then remove one board per week while adding weight, untill you'ra back to lifting off the floor again.

Let us know how you get on!

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If your dead is light enough, you can pull 35lb plates and that makes the deficit an inch or two.


ok; thats probably enough info 3-5 inches. My gym doesn't have any wooded blocks that thick, so i might try piling plates to that height.



it is normal to have trouble lifting off of the floor, because it is far away when heavy weight is involved. i dont see any reason to think that you have some sort of problem. the higher the bar is, the more you can lift. the lower it is, the less you can lift.
you can lift lower though. you dont need alot of plates. just wear boots, use a snatch grip, and if that isnt enough then put a ten plate under each of your feet.


just found an article with diagrams that explain exactly everything i wanted from this thread! thought i'd post it, just in case any one ever looks for information on this again! thanks everyone!