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Deadlifting Form

Sadly, I believe i bench close to if not almost equal to my deadlift max.

The reason I believe is because my form is off. I rented a powerlifting book from the library and even looked at various videos/animated gifs on the net. I seem to be doing everything correct…but obviously I dont believe I am. When I tried my 1RM my lower back was kinda hurtin’.
Are you supposed to feel pressure there? On my squat I feel none at all…

When lifting I hate to make noises at the gym and distract everyone. Am i SUPPOSED to drop the deadlift or put it down after I get it up to my upper thigh?

Are you somewhat new to deadlift? And you’ve been benching a while?

If so, your body just needs some time. If your lower back hurts (like more than that good fatigue feeling), you need to back off.

Also, if you’re new to it, try going higher reps with lighter weight until your body starts enjoying the movement more.

Oh, and if you have one of those olypic style mats, you can drop the weight. If you’re on concrete, set it down nicely.

well, ive only been lifting for about…give or take…6 months now. I can finally bench my own weight(150).
I am fairly new to deadlifting. I think my lower back may be weaker than I think.

Maybe I should do some good mornings(not too high obviously though)?

Last time I did just stick to lower intensity work. My legs are weak(considering the weight im doing)…so I problably should.

I wouldn’t worry too much then. Your deadlift will shoot up fairly quick, at least mine did. I went from cringing a few reps at 185 to warming up with 225 over the course of about a month. Just give it some time, you are a beginner, no one walks into the gym their first day and pulls double body weight.

even at my gym that can get too commercial at times there’s a handfull of us that always deadlift, i’m lucky to have a couple older guys here that do it with perfect form and exellent weight… try and find someone that you’ve seen deadlift whose form you know is right and asking if they can check you for a set or two just to double check…

also a thing i’ve seen with people that i thought the lift to is where their head is at…even though their form is right for most of the set they start looking down towards the last couple of reps which causes their back to round…

anyways, hope you find a soulution as the deadlift should be part of your training bread and butter…