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Deadlifting Form


Posting a video of me dead-lifting, i work hard at my mobility, but am still having lower back issues, lower left hand side (for me). Quite painful, never any pain on the right.
I do core training, and no other exercise causes pain
I am however, a Rower (or 'crewer' i think it is called in America), and as such, am in a boat, probably not keeping a neutral spine 10-20 hours a week!
Any help with form would be very much appreciated!


how much weight is that and what is your max


Your form is fine, but it didn't look very heavy (for you, I mean).

Everyone's form is fine with light weight.

Use something heavier and we can help you figure out where your form breaks down (almost everyone's form will break down to a degree with heavy weight).


Here's a video of me deadlifting, as you can see it breaks down over the knee. So go heavy, find out where you break down, and find the article on this site called deadlift diagnosis. Hope it helps.


Damn, Khalid. That flew off the floor.


Thank you Spherenine. Speed off the floor is one of my strength's. When I started Powerlifting I was pulling sumo and I was slow off the floor. I started pulling from a box and it really helped. I switched to conventional last June because my best was 683lbs sumo and I could never pull 700lbs. Even with the change I still pull from a box.


Khalid, if you get your hamstrings and upper back stronger, you'll be doing 800 in less than a year.


Thanks for the encouragement Storm The Beach. I've been working both. I've increased the volume on chins and rows for my upper back. I usually train alone but for a time I had my younger son loading/unloading and he could'nt add anything to my training. The last couple of months I've had my older son training me and he's brought a lot to the table as far as increasing my hamstring strength and explosiveness is concerned. Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.


My lockout is my weakpoint as well. Exercises that actually transfer over to more lockout power are tough to find. Ones that have worked for me are rev. band deadlifts, VERY heavy RDLs, Speed pulls, opposite stance pulls, rack pulls for 5-8rms 2inches above and below my sticking point, and anything that hammers the upper back. Your grip looks solid and your speed off the floor is awesome. You are quad dominant though and its shifting the emphasis away from your hamstrings and hips. That fact that you are moving that much weight with that much ease from a quad dominant postition is pretty impressive. You have a shitload of unlocked potential.


Again, thanks for the positive feedback Storm The Beach. Guys like you are the reason I love this sport. The compliments and definitely the recommendations are much appreciated. The camaraderie among powerlifters is unmatched. I must say you know your stuff because your analysis of me was spot on. My son and I read your post and we're planning to incorperate some of those things into my training for a meet after the May 15th one. The meet we're looking at is a WABDL meet here in Dallas July 30th.