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Deadlifting Form Video


Just wanted some commentary on my dead-lift form from some credible sources. This is 315lbs. My confusion comes in where I can feel the dead lift in either one way or the other at a time. I can perform the deadlift with emphasis on the hamstrings/glutes, or the upper back. In this case, I placed emphasis on the back since this was a back workout. Sometimes I'll perform the deadlift with emphasis on the hamstrings for a legs workout separately. My lower back doesn't get sore from deadlifts, I keep a steady arch at all times and do not round my lower back. Most of the time for a back workout, my upper back/lats etc. are sore in a good way. I have the same question in regards to rack pull where I can place emphasis on either group of body parts. My goals are geared towards that of a bodybuilders. Thanks for the help.


this video breaks down the deadlift. it starts at about 4 minutes. Let me know what you think.

Deadlift looks good. There are a few things you could tweak. It would be nice to see the bar dragging against your shins. Also your shoulders come forward a little when you start the pull. The more off your body you can keep behind the bar the better.


I don't consider that a problem--if you can feel different areas and know how to target the areas you want while maintaining good posture and a tight lower back for injury prevention, then that's the best world possible.

If your goal is strength related I would say look at the Mark Bell video and stuff from great deadlifters across the world, but because it is bodybuilding oriented I think that the feel and focus on specific emphasis is more important. As always, trying to get stronger in your currently used rep range for whatever program you're on is key.

Looks pretty decent from what you posted. For a bodybuilder I don't know that I see any major flaws. Certainly safe enough.


Generally agree with you, but if he is doing it specifically to emphasize the back like he said he was then it's just fine :).


form looks pretty good. however try not to stare up at the ceiling while deadlifting. keep you chin down, not tucked into your neck, but down in a more neutral position