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Deadlifting for Time In Crossfit Arena (Tabata Deadlift)

So I’ve Always Looked at the deadlift as an exercise where you need a lot of focus and control. I feel like its the holy grail for strength gains when moving larger poundages for sets of 10 all the way down to singles. Recently a friend of mine told me about this Deads till your dead workout he did at his crossfit gym where basically you use a tabata (for time) style or rep scheme. If that’s what you want to call it…
Ive seen the over eager nerd in my gym doing sumo deadlifts for reps dropping the weight and rocketing up over and over and to me I feel like this is non-beneficial for actual size and strength gains. I feel like after that much volume form would break down too much…

Let me hear your thoughts on why or why you don’t think this is a good Idea.

If you’re doing something “tabata”, the goal isn’t size or strength but improved conditioning.

I would not anticipate something that is built to improve conditioning as something that will directly improve size and strength.

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Sounds like a back injury just waiting to happen.

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Deadlifts for time isn’t that uncommon is it? I even remember an old Dan John article about 140kg for 30 minutes and it’s not an uncommon strongman event - usually at a higher starting point.

As for danger, if form is thrown away for extra reps then the time and the movement are really the secondary issue

Exactly. I’ve done higher starting points AND pulls off the floor in contests for 60-90 seconds, and if your conditioning is on point, you’re deadlifting the WHOLE time.

If you’re experiencing form breakdown, you most likely need to work on your conditioning.

That is definitely a good point I would be interested to see exactly what loading parameters he was using (70%1rm) so on.

Right I was thinking Sort of high impact.

I can definitely see what you’re saying worlds strongest man events so on. I suppose I’ve mainly used the conventional deadlift for Size and Strength gains and not really messed around with using something like the sumo-dead for conditioning. Maybe the takeaway is it can be applied in both ways but for different purposes conditioning VS size and strength. Thanks

To clarify, I was talking about conventional deads. I haven’t pulled sumo since 2005, haha.

They should call it the Back Destroyer. Crossfit is funny.

Guys…don’t we lift so that we can have big and strong backs?

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Ive trained for max reps in 60 seconds. The thing is that Id train way over my contest weight and maybe get 5 reps. It is a good way to get damn strong but it isnt cardio and it can be dangerous.

I train for my biceps and abs. :stuck_out_tongue:

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In a twisting jerking fashion no doubt?

Can you manage the average crossfitter deadlifting until their dead?

What an absolute recipe for disaster.

The way I tend to it is 531 style where I will heavy squat up to 140kg then strip the weight down to 80kg and perform 5x10x80kg.

Each rep is deadstop and not bounced so under complete control.