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Deadlifting for Stubby Guys

Has anyone tried the deadlifting for stubby guy’s program from this site. I have always had a pretty good squat but my deadlift has been lagging behind. I am getting ready for a push/pull meet on july 16th and i want to get my deadlift over 400 by then. Right now my deadlift is around 350. And this program claims to increase your deadlift 50 pounds in 8 weeks.
Here are my current stats
age 15
height: 5’7
weight 195
squat 365
bench 255
deadlift 345-355
all in pounds

I’m wondering how this program worked for any of you, did your squat increase, decrease or stay the same?

I haven’t tried it either, but I am looking to start it in a few weeks. Thoughts anyone?


I did it back in September and was happy with the results. On the first week of pulling from a 4" deficit, I pulled 15lbs more than my all time best from the floor. And the previous PR had me wearing a belt while this one did not. I don’t think I added 50lbs by the end but I did get a good increase and my pull from the floor was a lot stronger and faster. I can’t speak for anyone else but I did enjoy. I did it with Dave Tate’s Big Bad Bench program if you are looking for an upper body program to compliment. Good times all around.

I was only able to get through 5 weeks of the program (due to personal circumstances) but I put on 30 pounds to my deadlift in that time.

I think i’m gonna do this for upper body.

ME bench variation- 3-5RM
cambrege bar bench, 2 board press, close grip bench, 3 baord press
3 Second Pause BP- 3x3
Seated Shoulder Press- 4x5
Hammer Curls- 4x8
Pull-ups- 4x8

Speed bench-8x3@60%
4 Board Press- warmup, then 3x3 heavy (about 120% of my regular BP)
Nosebreakers- 4x6
Hammer Curls- 5x12
Chest-Supported Rows- 5x12

hows that look

I tried it in Dec-Jan and even with a few interruptions to the program where I was flat out at work and also away on vacation (had about 3 weeks where I didn’t hit the gym at all) I still made progress of about 15-20 pounds on my PR, and my deadlift numbers are about the same as yours. If I had been able to train consistently I probably would have been able to make a much bigger improvement.

It’s a great program with a fair bit of variety as the program changes every 2 weeks so I recommend trying it.

How is your DL? do you do lots of reps but get nowhere? or are you an occasional DLer whose technique could use some work?

This, http://tsampa.org/training/scripts/coan_phillipi_deadlift/
seems to work good for the DLer who needs more volume. Or if you have tons of volume you really need to work on max weghts for a while, learn to pull heavy, 1 x 100% should be a much harder set than 2/3 x 85-90%.

Since the start of winter i have been using westside stuff, and i’m just about ready to finish the 12 week beginer program for elitefts, I do speed deadlifts every week, and do a max effort deadlift every 3 weeks.

TOM!..how is that book…I’m thinking of purchasing it…you make any good gains from it…do you recommend it?

I really like the book,it sets everything up nice for you. But make sure you have a set of boards 2-5, a box squat, and a power-rack(for lockouts)Glute ham bench, Reverse hyper. I didn’t have a reverse hyper so i just did pull-throughs. I remember i maxed out 2 weeks before starting the program with a 345 squat and the first ME squat day was a close stance low box squat for a 5rm and i ended up doing my max of 345 for 5 reps on the last week of the low box. next week is my last week and its the max out week,

It has you set goals for the end
my goals were
Start: 245 end 275
Start: 345 end 405
start: 335 end 385

I know i am going to be able to get those easy, the only one i’m worried is the deadlift and thats just because i’m horrible at it. But other wise i think i might be looking at a 295 bench 435 squat just guessing.

I think the programs great espacially if you are new to the westside training methods. I think it was around 25 dollars but its devently worth it.

as a member of the very stubby guy deadlift club…the best program that I have ever used was the Finnish Deadlift Routine.


[quote]Keith Wassung wrote:
as a member of the very stubby guy deadlift club…the best program that I have ever used was the Finnish Deadlift Routine.


I think i heard of that routine before is it were you do stiff leg deadlifts of plates for 3 weeks than regual deadlifst off plates for 3 weeks than deads form the floor for 3 weeks. Do you have a link to that or something i would like to take a look at it.

i was thinking of switching from conventional pulling to sumo becuase of my height. I heard somewere sumo deadlifts are better for people with shorter arms and legs, would it be to much on the hips to squat wide and deadlift sumo?