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Deadlifting for Stubby Guys


Hey guys Ive just started the program just wondering if any other's have also?

The first workout was prety hard pulled up sore , which is always good..

Anyway hope to hear from those who have started, and maybe we can post our workouts here.

I'm aiming to do a 180kg/396lbs deadlift, from this programme...


what are you stats now mate? :wink:

just keep lifting hard and you'll be right.


I am 3 weeks into it, and I really like it. So far I have lifted my old PR from the floor, off a 8 inch mat.
Good Luck


Hey stay in touch, sounds like your going well, i wanna also gain some much needed body weight too. ive just done the first week, What bodypart schedule are you following?

Im doing two days on two days off. Just helps me with work, and to recover.

Deadlift program 1
Day 2
Shoulders/ arms

two days off

Day 3
Deadlift program 2
Day 4

two days off