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Deadlifting for a 6'7" Dude

What’s up everybody,

These days I’m doing block pulls (below the knee) in stead of deadlifts 'cause I consider myself to be too tall, I’m 6’7. I know that’s bullshit, 'cause there are many tall guys deadlifting. Now I am going to force myself to do conventional deadlifts, 'cause they’re just badass. Do you guys have any special tips regarding pulling for a tall guy like me?

Thanks in advance.

Just make sure you have the mobility to get into proper position, before you “force” yourself to do them. I personally get more out of rack/block pulls than from the floor, because it kills the momentum I am able to get off the floor, so I rarely pull from the floor unless it’s for speed and even then, most of my pulling is off lower blocks. I also have a long torso, so alot of my volume on lower days are back extensions, heavy abdominal, oblique and hip flexor work. Do you have any idea your ratio of what your pulls off blocks are compared to off the floor? I am 6’5/350 for reference.

Do you mean my 1RM with block pulls? That’s 420lbs. I’m 6’7. No idea what my DL 1RM is or would be.

What kind of programming are you using now for your lifts?

Height has nothing to do with it… Body segment link does compared to everything else as a whole.

Regular 5/3/1 with 5x5@FSL

Guess that makes sense, considered I have some pretty long arms. I’ll film myself will doing DL’s and based on that I’ll either will or don’t do them.

Would you say you have a long torso or short ? …if you understand what i am meaning.

Well I guess it’s not that long or that short… I’d say its about 40-45% of my total height or something like that