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Deadlifting Every Session?


basically i love deadlifting and its variations.

would there be any reason not to do them every session.. i might switch up the variations from day to day..



Those lower back tends to recover slow; so i wouldn't recommend it.


Like everything else it depends on how heavy your going, and your current goal.


That depends on if you recover. For me, I'm pretty fried after pulling from the floor, but I still do another variation on my other lower body day.

There's plenty of options that target the posterior chain other that conventional deads:
-Glute ham rases
-good mornings
-strait leg or Romanian deads
-back extensions
-pull through

Try doing what you want to do (pulling every session), and see if it works. If it does, keep it; if it doesn't throw it out.


Why don't you try it and see how you feel?

Don't injure yourself.


Even a beginner should be pulling heavy enough to need a day to recover from posterior chain workouts. Try alternating with squats and mix up different variations of both. You'll develop a better balanced physique and reduce the odds of over-training.


i pulled a new PB yesterday. 210kg.

so i think thats pretty heavy.

i did some RDL and sumos after aswell. but today its only my grip that is sore/tired and a small bit of my hamstrings. no pain or tiredness in back


A fairly high rep DL variation set the day after maxing DL works well for recovery for me. One can deadlift often, just not with the same intensity or rep schemes every day.