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Deadlifting Destroys Hands

Alright T-NoidCrushers (we all remember noids right? nevermind I’m getting off track here…)


Anybody have any tips on how to protect your hands from destruction while deadlifting?

I’m proud of my callouses, and wear them with pride, but having the flesh ripped apart due to grip failure as you’re deadlifting PRs…sucks balls.

So how do we prevent this? Or is having your callouses ripped off part of the game?

Note, I’m not talking about simply ripping off dead skin. I’m referring to your callouses coming off and taking off new, nice skin with them, and the blood and the pain and the FLAYYNGIN…

Possibly strengthening my grip in order to hold the bar with more control?

Sorry if this is a whacked out post, just got done deadlifting and inspiration hit me.