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Deadlifting Competitions?

I have a question about lifting competition. I am 17 years old, and was thinking of competing in a Arizona tournament or something like that. I tried searching for a few, but really didn’t find that much information.

The only lift I would want to try is deadlift,
for 205-220lbs what is a good deadlift for 17 year old, what is the weight their likely to put on the bar, I don’t want to go make a fool of myself

You need to give stats? How tall are you? Whats your weight? training experience?

check out some powerlifing site. I don’t powerlift so I dont know too many off the top off my head, but google the us powerlifing leagues and federations and see if stuff in arizona…im sure you can find something

Give stats and I can help you with second part

I am 6’1"
anywhere from 205-220lbs
my best deadlift so far is 365lbs which was about 3 months ago

See what you can put up now and if you compete I would try to drop down to lower weight. the heavier you are the more they expect you to put up. If you can do 400+ you should b ok

I’ll lose the weight slowly, I’m having trouble finding lifting events! :frowning:


Here is the link that will show you all the meets going on in arizona, just pick what dates you want.

Not really any, just “championships”…

isn’t there one called “Teen Arizona powerlifting”?

If you look at each of them they are all powerlifting. But some of the meets will have just deadlift category. Some federations have teen divisions like WABDL. Your unlikely to find meets just for teens and just to pull. But you are more likely to fit into a meet and be able to deadlift. Why not do at least a push pull meet or even a full meet?

Atm my other lifts aren’t up to par, working on it, just wanted to get the “feel” of competing. I can see most have deadlift in them, but I’m saving alot of them are “championship” which Im sure I don’t qualify for

For the 220 class for your age group the world record is about 720 with a single ply suit, ipf rules-deadlift suit doesn’t give that much carryover though-

I would say for local meets you should be at least putting up double your bodyweight to be pretty competetive.

Alright well, if I dropped to 198 what would the lifts be, still double body weight?