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Deadlifting Before WODs Two Days in a Row


I’m currently in the off-season phase of playing rugby and doing CrossFit 5 times per week (Tues, Weds, Thurs, Sat, Sun), resting Mon and Fri.

I would like to focus on the deadlift for increasing strength on a Sat & Sun, as there is no real strength program in place with the training I am doing. What would you suggest please for deadlifting on consecutive days and before doing the WODs?

Understand that focusing on a lift on consecutive days is likely not to be optimal, but would struggle for time Mon-Fri & enjoying the non programming to an extent with CrossFit during the week.

Any advice always appreciated.

Many thanks

I would go lighter and faster on Saturday and heavier on Sunday. Basically using Saturday to potentiate Sunday. On Saturday use the strength-skill method… something like 80-85% for 5-6 sets of 2-3 reps focusing on speed and technique. And then you go heavy on Sunday