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Deadlifting at over 60 and 70


These two clients are a Blast and inspire me every trainign sesion as to what is capable of the human body to advance even well into our later years, Geno turns 70 in a couple and Andy is 66.


Those guys are something else. I think Andy started weight training fairly late in life too, didn't he?


Yes they both did Gene started in his late 50's and Andy got serious late as well though has been active for some time


Those guys should inspire everybody. Great lifts.

There are a few of us still in the game. We're not
ready to roll over just yet. :wink:

Check out Fred Peterson at 70. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxlY9LjACTg



This is what I've been saying all along - IT'S NEVER TOO LATE.

I can understand wanting to rest and take it easy - but to the point that it makes you weak and generally unhealthy?

These guys are stronger than the majority of 20-year olds and likely have a better quality of life than their peers who don't train. Andy for a fact is still having adventures, the last being in the Arctic, I believe.

Start now, there ain't no "can't."


Rick thats a Killer video inspiring as hell and proves BUILD IT NOW!!! then you can just fight to hold onto it in the years to come Its a life long process thats never over.


Inspiring. Must be nice to workout with people our age who are still pushing themselves. And if you listen close you can here Zeppelin in the background. Worth at least 20#.
RickComito, checked your profile pix. Good lifting there. 45 years training and still at it. Good on ya.


Thanks. I'm currently rehabing from a back operation; athritis on my spine. I just
broke 405 again on the deadlift. I'm taking it a little slower with my squats. I haven't
gone over 315 triples yet. But I'm still setting PRs on the bench at 62 and unequipped.
(No miracle grow suppliments either.)

I'll be back.



I know a dude who still lifts and competes at 77 years old .

I'll never forget last year at nationals (NASA) meet.....dude opens with about a 300 lb deadlift , no problem ; 2nd attempt , something like 330 , cant even crack it off the floor ! his training partner starts in on him......"what the fuck dude . you've done more than that in training !! GET YOUR HEAD OUTTA YOUR ASS !!"

third attempt......350 for a state or national record (I dont remember which).....FUCKIN' SMOKES IT !!



that was awesome . best thing I've ever seen at a meet . extremely inspiring .


oh yeah , and hats off to the fellas mentioned in the OP


This is awesome and inspiring. I'm only 36, plenty of time. :slight_smile: Phill, what kind of warm-up and mobility stuff do these guys do before their workouts? I'm coming to the realization that I need to include more of this stuff.