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Deadlifting and Straps


My deadlifting goal for my first year of training is 405lbs (been training for 10 months), for the last few weeks I had been trying to lift 375 but to no avail due to grip issues. So, I decided to have a go with straps and pulled it pretty easily, so much so that I think I can get the 405 on Friday.

I just feel like it will be cheapened by the fact that I used straps. Do you think straps are ok for hitting heavy singles or should I focus on getting my grip up? I never used straps before because of this reason, but I guess I'm training my back primarily so does it really matter?

I weigh 167lbs at 5'8.


Here is what stormthebeach said in the deadlift race thread:

Ignore the doing 600 bit lol. Get chalk. I had a hell of a time progressing into the 400's without chalk. Then I used chalk and boooomm.


I had the same problem, and today was the first day I used chalk. my previous max of 315x4 will probably be broken next week, the chalk gave me soo much more than I thought it would (after I ditched the straps).




Not that it neeeds to be said again but... Chalk helped me a lot and I have yet felt a significant need to use straps.


Unfortunately, I go to a pussy gym so chalk is very much out of the question. Fortunately, I'm going back to the UK next week so I'm going to find a more hardcore gym. I've always liked the idea of chalk, I'll definitely give it a go. Like I said, I only used straps this one time so it's not as if I've been relying on them and consequently basing them technique around them so chalk seems like the suitable option.

Cheers guys


Have you tried a "baseball" grip - one hand under and the other over?


Yeah, I always use it for my heavier lifts. It definitely helps


Personally, I don't mind straps for the heavier pulls. I will agree with StormTheBeach about spending time wrapping straps, though. It sucks but if you are doing something like 3x3 for deadlifts ... I know for a fact that I cannot hold the bar on those last few sets by that time. Chalk is not permitted in my gym or else I'd just use that.


I usually do 5x5, but recently I've been doing some heavy singles because I want to hit 405 as it's a personnal goal. I usually blow all my grip strength on the warm up sets though. I recently did 3x330 2x350 and then 1x375 with straps because I know for sure that if I do 5x330 I won't make 5x350.

I Just want to hit 4 plates then I will focus on my grip strength. I want a 1000lbs total within 18months, currently I'm at approx 850 in 10 months at 167 (from 132). Do you think this is possible?


kroc rows


If it's your grip strength suffering then boosting that can help. I broke my thumb quite badly last year and the advice from my physio was to get a loads of rubber bands and put them over my hand, then try and open and shut my hands to re-strengthen mny grip.
as you get stronger add more bands, the bonus of this is you can do it almsot anywhere and get into the habit of constantly boosting your grip strength

oh and chalk that too