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Deadlifting and Stomach Burning?


Hey ya'll question. After doing 5x10 deadlifts this past sunday I started feeling a burning sensation in my torso (chest, upper and lower abs), along with a muscle cramp feeling. It's continued for a few days now.

I was looking around the web and saw an article talking about subluxation and how that can pinch a nerve between certain vertebrae that will cause Acid Reflux like symptoms? I'm thinking about going to the chiropractor, but don't really wanna if I don't have to. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


Why the hell were you doing deadlifts for 5x10



sorry 10x3. Looking at the wrong day on my program.


Take a tums.


when you stop lifting does the pain go away? is it when you inhale or just constantly?


I've been taking rolaids and papaya non-stop, it helps for a little while then comes back. Yeah pretty much just constantly


oh then i don't no what that is LOL

if its only when you lift heavy id put it down to weak abs because a while ago when ever i squatted heavy id get a burning pain in my abs i just trained the shit out a them and the pain stopped eventually.


Warnings of a hernia?


sounds like abz burning


sounds like your just really feeling the burn man.

keep it up, youll be jacked in no time.

(or you could just see a doctor)