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Deadlifting and Soreness


first off, I haven't been dl'ing for that long.

Today in the middle of my 3x5 dl set I could feel soreness/tightness in my lower middle back. Is this normal? Do other people feel this soreness?

Also, when doing rack pulls, where should the bar be located in comparision to your body. E.G. bar parrallel to your knees



It's fairly normal if A) your lower back is weak, B) your form is off and C) you deadlift heavy weights.

Typically, they are done anywhere from two inches below the knee to knee level.


My lower back starts getting a bit tight towards the end of my DL session, but it's that fatigue kind of sore. I suggest filming a DL workout periodically to check form. My digicam does little video clips and I use that every once in a while when I do a session at off peak times in the gym. It's nice to be able to see in between reps what exactly you are doing. You may have some rounding without even feeling it.


Thx for the replies. Does anyone have a problem hitting their knees on rack pulls?