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Deadlifting and Olympic Lifting


I was wondering if it was alright to deadlift and do olympic lifts during the same program. I've heard things about deadlifting being such a strain on your body that it's a bad idea to be pulling with the olympic lifts too. Also, if it's not a bad idea to be doing them regularly, how should I space, and on what day (arms, chest/back, leg) should I be doing each.

Currently I don't do Olympic lifts too often, mainly only the power clean, but I really want to get the benefits out of these lifts without giving up the deadlift ( My personal favorite).

On a side note, my basketball coach would send us in the weightroom, have us do squats, deadlifts, power snatch, power clean, in that order and he never explained the proper way of doing any of these. I feel robbed and cheated.

Any advice and/or comments would be greatly appreciated.


Holicrap.... your coach sounds like a king dumbass in the weightroom.

Power Snatch -> Power Clean -> Squat -> Deadlift would be a way better order. If you were going to do all of them (not suggested unless you were just coming back from a layoff and wanted to touch a few exercises in a single session). It's preferable to start with complex and speedy exercises followed by less technically demanding lifts.

I suggest doing only 1 speed Olympic lift first. When all of your sets are complete, then move on to a conventional lift (Squat, DL, lunge, etc.).

A few minutes ago I did C&J (4 light sets of 3 reps) followed by 3 light sets of 5 reps of Deadlifts.


I usually squat and deadlift on the same day. I was just wondering your thoughts about doing some olympic lifts while pulling heavy in the same program parameters.


There shouldn't be a prob with doing o-lifts and DL's in the same go. Just do the o-lift first, then your overhead work, then your Sq or DL.



I'm doing a pull specialization program right now, doing snatches and deadlifts on the same session, just remember Snatch, then Clean, then Jerk, then any conventional lifts.



Follow up question though?

How often are you guys hitting the weightroom?