Deadlifting and Lower Back Pain

Ive just started lifting again after a few years away from serious training (I have been in the military, so have been a bit of a running and press up beast). Ive been suffering with lower back pain during and after deadlifting, so decided to drop the weight right down to a very low weight and concentrate on technique. Even when doing this the pain is still there. I also get similar pain when I do any running.

Any advice? Whats not firing properly, what do you think may need special attention?

Cheers guys

Lower Backs are always iffy. My guess is that your form is off and you are either pulling with a flexed or hyper-extended lumbar spine. I would recommend getting in touch with a good pt or strenght coach who can identify what is going on with your dead-lift and running form. There are a ton of article on this site that you can use to self educated yourself as well. When it comes to lower back knowledge is power. Also post a vdeo of you dead lifting so somebody here can critic your form.

best of luck getting it sorted out