Deadlifting and High Blood Pressure

Is deadlifting contraindicated for people with high blood pressure. I do suffer with high blood pressure?

Would you stop deadlifting if it was?

Mine is controlled with medication, but even with some serious complications my cardiologist recommended to continue exercising, including deadlifts, front squats and clean & jerks.

It helps with vasodialation which may improve blood pressure.

Caveats- Some conditions/meds can lead to exercise induced hypotension- a very fast drop in bp which can cause unconsciousness and other injury. Especially with heavy lifts.

Definitely consult your MD if you are already being treated for high bp or other heart related conditions.


Then deadlifting is the least of your worries. High BP being one of the major causes of death or serious complications is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. You fix your BP, then deadlift away.
No one should ever just be “people with high blood pressure” and just say it like its a normal thing. Thats one of the most serious health concerns there is. You fix it NOW.


See your doctor to fix your blood pressure.

BTW, IMO, heavy squats increases blood pressure much more than deadlifts ever did, from the way my head felt getting under a heavy squat.

Do treat your blood pressure before the consequences of high blood pressure “treats” your body.

Deadlifting is not what increases BP as much as it is the before-and-after effects of the valsava maneuver, which are short but can be pretty significant.

I agree with @hankthetank89 and @RT_Nomad - high BP isn’t something to just work around. If you have it, it is a problem right now, with or without deadlifting.

Thanks I will see my GP (doctor). I already take BP medication. Its fairly normal with the meds.

I have been. But recently I am getting more cautious.

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I think the best thing you could do for your blood pressure would be to lose weight. Then you wouldn’t have to consider things like stopping deadlifts =)

You’ll likely feel a lot better too. Most everyone feels better after as little as 20lbs.

Personally, I wouldn’t stop deadlifting - but I would prioritize weight loss so I could continue performing basic human movements, like picking things up off the floor.

Medical advice on the Internet is of limited value and if you have high blood pressure you should see a physician. Most doctors would say a systolic pressure (the first number) above 140 is elevated and above 160 is high - but these numbers may be lower for diabetics or those with other chronic diseases.

Exercise is important for good health and this includes strength training and deadlifts. You should consider medication if your systolic pressure is consistently above 140 regardless of your weightlifting. Elevated blood pressure usually has no symptoms but can lead to strokes and heart problems. You should not deadlift if you do have symptoms like headache, vision changes, dizziness, bloody urine or numbness. Your doctor will ask you about smoking, weight, family history and check your kidney function, sugars and urine among other routine tests. If your blood pressure is controlled than you can deadlift.

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Thank you. I will speak to my doctor.