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Deadlifting 505x2 At 168

Well, just figured I’d do a little shameless bragging and post some lifting videos taken tonight. This first video is of me deadlifting 505 for 2 reps, weighing 168 as of tonight, both are sloppy, especially the second one (reminds me of the diesel weasel) and I got this goofy breathing thing I do in the beginning but I am proud nonetheless.

This is roughly 8 weeks after I pulled 465 in a tactical strength challenge competition and I owe almost all the gains to the coan/phillipi deadlift routine. (I had pulled 520 in the DISTANT past, but hadn’t gone above 405-465 in a year or so)

The video in the next post is my buddy (he goes by NFSC on here) hitting 385 for a much smoother double, I think he has a good 40-50 lbs left in the tank, he weighs about 195.

On a side note, anyone have any ideas for fixing that shaking I do with my legs, I figure that cant be good for my lift, any other advice or criticism would be welcomed with open arms.

Here’s NFSC:

Also, I am hoping to pull around 530-550 at the USPF competition in yuba city, ca on December 8th and it will be my first real event (did one when I was 16, didnt really count). Any powerlifting judges out there have any advice for what would/would not pass for a lift (based on the first rep) can I drop the bar at the end, was any of that hitching? Did I lock out enough? Stuff like that.

Yeah buddy-

The training lately has been solid and I’m looking forward to some more PR’s.

It’ll also be good to see what you pull in competition…

I think good things are abrew.

I’m no expert (won’t be doing my first competition til next year) but I don’t see any reason why your first deadlift wouldn’t get three white lights. There was no hitching. 2 things to keep in mind though:

In competition you’re going to have to hold it at lockout until the judge signals you to put it down. This shouldn’t be a problem though. Also, you can pretty much drop the barbell but you must keep your hands on it while doing so, demonstrating some sort of control over it while it’s going down.

Keep up the good work, impressive for someone of your weight.

tight shit. nice gym btw.

Great pulls. You probably woulda got both reps in comp…

I have a friend that lives in Orange county. Where might your gym be located?

[quote]biggjames wrote:
I have a friend that lives in Orange county. Where might your gym be located?

I lift up here in Chico,(north of sacramento) while going to school at Chico state. Yea, the gym here is sick, its called the body shop and there are two lifting platforms, a chalk bowl that is always full, dumbbells to 150’s, kettlebells, any random stability ball thing you can think of, plyo boxes, bumper plates, heck even 100 kilo plates, rock or rap is always playing and they allow you to bring in your own cd’s, membership is roughly 25 bucks a month for me and the trainers there teach the olympic lifts… Pretty much all you could ask for in a public gym, they dont even flinch when my buddy and I bust out JumpStretch bands.

A guy came in the other day and asked: “Is it ok if we lift heavy here? Like I know some gyms say you can lift heavy, but is it really ok?” the owner just went over to the chalk bowl, grabbed some and threw it into the air, “does that answer your question?”

Cool thanks, a little too far from LA.