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Deadlifters, Take a Look Please


Yo, ive been told my form isn't the best, ie.back rounding. Ive been working hard to get my form bang on.

Take look at this video, id appreciate all the help i can get.

Pulled 150kg x 9, i think that 335lbs.

Just back from a week off and my best previous to this was 6, so as you can imagine im pretty happy.


Well Start with your ass down, shoulder backward as far as possible and keep your lower straight ! Not comfortable but that's the way it is and you're going to be stronger that way too.

I don't know the deal with a belt but before the lift, air in belly, set your back/shoulder/butt and pull.

I can't see other thing but hey I'm not an expert. Ask meat ! :


He's the man, can't go wrong.


Yeah man you do round your back as well as start with you ass to high. Get lower to start and take a little bit wider stance. Also on the way down don't do a straight leg deadlift, bend your knees and drop your ass and go back down the same way you came up. You are putting a lot of undue pressure on your lower back.


Hey Mate,
In my personal experience with the deadlift, as is mentioned above keep your lower back straight and shoulders back, also i can't really see how wide your stance actually is but it seems to be too narrow. I would personally leave the pride at the door and start lifting at a much lower weight and ensure your technique is absolutely perfect, just my opinion, hope that helps.....


Why would he start with his ass 'down' and shoulders before the bar? He's not going to lift shit until his shoulders are past the bar, and his ass raises to a certain height, anyway.


Look at the video if he would have set his shoulder backward his back would have been more straight, leg and butt set and the bar would have been closer too him making a better use of his strength.

Shoulder back, ass down are only tricks/reminders to get a tight form on your lift.

Maybe I'm explaining it real bad (Frenchies here) but hey I won't debate on how to deadlift.


Hmmm, thanks for responses, the stance being too narrow does set off an 'ah ha' moment, i just find getting my back straight very difficult even before the lift starts.


Feet hip to shoulder width apart. You look way narrow.

Where do you feel your feet? You should feel the weight on you heels. Just rock back a bit before lifting. Shoulders might be too far forward. Retract scap. Push through heels, pull shoulders back, hump he bar.


Ass out, chest out. Why is keeping an arched back isn't difficult?


If you are having difficulty straightening your back, your posterior chain is probably really tight. Try adding a PNF hamstring stretch into your warmup. I find a lot of individuals can suddenly really clean up their deadlifts if they just do that. Also, try some donkey kicks and whatever the opposite of that is (I can't remember the name) to get everything at your hip joint warmed up.

Like others have said, your form really needs to be cleaned up. Forget the plates, belt, and straps. You need to practice deadlifting an empty bar until you can do it perfectly, and then start working your way back up.


Agreeing with several statements above:

Absolutely retract your scapula BEFORE you start the movement. Fight to keep your back in that position all the way up. I guarantee an improvement.


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I like this, cheers.

Cheers also to the rest of you for your suggestions, ill get to work on it. I may post again in the future if i feel the need to. :slight_smile:


spread your feet abit more (gives you a stronger base) and arch your back inwards yours was outwards.If yo struggle to arch in just look up the back normally arches to suit then just glimpse the mirro to check your doing it correct.


Although this is a recent failure (due to lockout)see that I manage to keep my back at least straight through the entire lift.
Sorry cant load the vid will do when I get it sorted.


Notice that when you put the bar down you're basically doing a stiff leg deadlift. You should be trying to emulate the pull in reverse when putting the bar down. Lose the mixed grip with the straps or lose the straps. Really focus on keeping the chest up and the upper back tight throughout the lift. Try and get tighter at the bottom before you lift and squeeze the bar off the floor to try and hold that arch. As for stance width, thats entirely up to how you are strongest, some people pull well from a narrow stance like yours, others prefer wider.


Hmm, Try really pulling yourself down to the bar man, like after you're strapped up, just try yanking your ass down to the bar level


I think it could do with being abit wider as his feet are almost touching giving him a shit base,I can imagine hes fighting balance at the same time.
But your right its all personal preference.
Yeh lose the straps Ive allways felt its taken half the lift away,as I build alot of my tension through my grip (also personal preference)


Paul this is Meat's thread:


Just post the link in there, and he will advise :slight_smile: