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As most of you know I suffered a broken back last Dec. thanks to rowing and had to take a lot of time off training anything that put stress on my back, ie. squats, deadlifts.

Well last night I was able to reach one of my goals in deadlift which was 4x45 per side, or 405. Haha and of course I was wearing my T-Nation shirt when I did it.

I used my shell-toe shoes since they are flat bottomed rather than the nike shox I normally use. I think it may have helped get the lift up. Oh also I made it without and straps or anything like that.


Congrats man on meeting your goal.

You set a great example, and a great comeback story.

Keep on lifting.


Four plates is 405. But nice job. Overcoming all obstacles, that's what T-men do.


You know at my gym we have three different bars: One lighter and not as thick bar, then one that I assume is an olympic bar, then "Texas Power" bars. All three weigh different amounts as being bored one night while waiting for equipment I weighed them.

The Texas Power bar is thick and weighs 45lbs. I def. like the thicker bars for all the core lifts. I know the lightweight olympic bar weighs 30lbs and no clue what that skinner crappy one weighs.

Edit. ment to clear up that I know that 9x45 is 405 lol. My bad, studying for finals has fried my brain.



and 4plates and a 45 bar = 405......

everytime. But still a nice job.


Except at my gym that has 45 pound plates, 20 kg plates and 25 kg plates and they all look the same unless you look really closely.


Congrats. Nice milestone.


Wrong, when i have 4 plates per side its 402lb. I have an older oly set.


Canada doesn't count


nah, Canada counts, just not Newfoundland'ers

modern physics don't apply on the rock.
(just teasin).

4 plates is good work.


sasquatchs........can't teach them anything.