Can someone please explain how Deadlift pin pulls help increase your deadlift? If you have a problem lifting a certain weight from the floor, how would lifting that weight or heavier weights from a higher height, help? Lastly, do you pull from the lowest pin level on the rack, or varying pin levels? Thanks.

JRR - rack puls generally DON"T help your pull off the floor - they improve lockout. If you’re slow off the floor you need to either 1) strengthen your legs by lifting with your feet on a block or 2) strengthen your abs. One good use of rack pulls is to do them at a certain pin height one week (around knee level) and lower the pin one hole each workout and try to hit the same weight.

If nothing else they help you get used to the heavier weight. In order to really do them effectively you need to have access to a power rack that has holes every inch. What you do is start with the plates 6 inches off the floor with a weight you plan to be able to eventually deadlift. Now just drop the weight one inch each week or 2 weeks until you got the weight on the floor and you’re deadlifting it.