Does the deadlift hold any carryover to sports or is it just utilized because of its mass-building effects?

Yeah, just 'cuz its not a “fast lift” (like cleans or whatever) doesn’t mean it doesn’t have carry over into athletics. I see great results from it as well as all of its variations (pull-throughs, partials, etc…).

The other day I was laying on my belly, and two girls (130lbs and 155lbs) attacked me, trying to pin me down. I was able to get up, and pick them both up, while they desperately tried to cling on

I attibute this strength to be a dead-lift fan.

I think that once you’re fairly strong in the deadlift, being able to do endurance deadlifts (high reps) is very valuable for sports in that you’ll have a lot of basal torso stength.

CP had a little article on snatch grip deadlifts while standing on a block. He said that a bunch of sprinters who had the fastest times in the world that year were doing them, so I guess they’re good for something.

I’m hard pressed to think of a sport that they don’t help in Foot.

Deadlifts are one of the best lifts you can do for athletics.

Deads help alot in wrestling and football…any sport that requires a powerfull extension of the leg from a bent starting point. IE…Offensive lineman exploding into a block.

Deadlifting is sport! Power Lifting considers it an event along with bench press and the squat.

Deadlifts have sports application, but it depends on the sport. They’re great for football and rugby. While I could be mistaken, I don’t think they would do too much for a tennis player.

I think deads have application in all sports, including tennis, bowling, curling, bocci and tiddlywinks (my specialty). Real power originates from the legs and back. Deads work the legs and back. Deads also help with flexibility which is crucial in most sports. I hate deads…but I do 'em. They keep me from reinjuring my back when riding a raw horse.