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Deadlift Woes



Last night I suffered a injury whilst deadlifting, I would like some advice on what to do next as I havent been lifting that long so it is my first worrying injury.

I had warmed up quite thoroughly, it was pretty hot in the gym too. I made a point to warm up because for last five weeks I had changed the routine so and had been working with less weight more reps to get some hypertrophy.

I also did some warm up sets with 60kg x 10reps, 100kgx3, 120kgx3, 130kgx3 the plan was to make my way up to 140kg where I'd maybe do 4 sets of 5 depending how I felt or to 150kg. It came about just as I started moving the bar on my first rep on the 140kg, I'm not even sure the weights lifted off the ground. At the time it felt like I had just ripped my upper body off my hips.

A more experienced lifter at the gym told me to forget the rest of the workout and go home, spray some freeze spray on it for now and hope it isn't a slipped disc. I followed that advice and right now I pretty sure there is discs are fine and there is no hernia because the pain is bearable. What are the other common injuries from deadlifting? Is this probably a muscle tear?


See a sports doc or a physio ASAP. It isn't something you want to screw around with. Unless this is a common occurrence and you are absolutely, positively 100% sure you haven't done anything bad, get it checked out.



We all like to talk about being "hardcore" or working through pain, but don't mess around when it comes to back injuries. It could impact your lifting for a long time if you just ignore it.


Yea, its going to be pretty hard for anyone to tell you what they think may have happened without having been there to see it, or seeing a video of it. Even then, we would only be giving you possibilities.

Personally, I'd stay out of the gym a few days and avoid anything that may aggrivate your lower back.

If it feels fine in a few days, I personally- not saying you do this, but I personally would just go with it.

Seeing a doc and getting some x-rays and whatnot wouldn't be the worst idea if the problem persists past a few days.


Watch it, if it continues or gets worse see a doctor.

Avoid any heavy spinal loading in the short term.


Doc, physio etc....

If ya felt a small pop, and the pain's worse on one side, it's probably your SI joint. Nearly everyone I know who deadlifts decent weight, including myself, has injured it at some point on another. It's not a big deal once you get the reasons it happened sorted.


It seems like this is a most likely explanation from what I know and from how I remember it. I'm going to see a bloke I was recommended at the gym, hopefully he can come up with a plan to sort it. I do think I have a habit of jerking up on the lift before moving up so end up bouncing off the first rep so need to cut that out. Thanks for all the replies.