Deadlift Without Dropping Weight? Diet Advice for Fat Loss?

Hi all

I’m a beginner and I’ve been running BBB for the last couple of months and have dropped off over the last few weeks due to a relapse in discipline. However, I also train at home and am concerned about my deadlifting, in the sense that I’m hesitant to grip and rip without fear of slipping and dropping the bar through my kitchen. My current estimated 1 rep max isn’t much: around 120kg.

I was just wondering if there was another way to do deadlifts without going heavy but sticking with the spirit of the program? I could be barking up the wrong tree, I know.

Also, I’ve seen a lot of conflicting information regarding diet. I weigh about 295lbs at 5’10" and have seen that a calorie deficit should be created to lose weight, but also that you should up your calories to boost your metabolism and lose fat that way. Which is right?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

So are you afraid your grip will give out or that you’ve been lowering the bar a bit too hard?

Sounds like you need a stronger house lol. Any other place you can set up for deads or somewhere you can construct a makeshift platform or something to distribute the impact?

Diet wise if you wanna lose weight you need to create a caloric deficit. Best way to do this is through adjusting your caloric intake.

Usually a small deficit is preferred to a big deficit or slow weight loss so that you still have maximum available energy to lift and build/maintain muscle with while in a deficit. From your stats you might be pretty fluffy so you can drop the weight more aggressively than someone leaner ~ 2-3 lbs per week loss.

A bit of both! I’m not so worried about my grip as I am about slowing down the descent as I put the bar down. Surely it can’t be good even if I am recruiting more muscles to do it? It’d be pricey to set up a gym in my garden so I’m indoors for now, but maybe it’s a possibility in the future.

I am incredibly fluffy. I used a macro calculator and it suggested that I eat between 2800-2900 calories for weight loss. Is that reliable?

If your form/technique is solid then lowering the bar under control should allow you to not fuck up your house while continuing to make gains. If you really want to drop your weights then maybe bringing the bar and some weight out to the garden instead of setting up a whole gym would suit you. Maybe something solid to stand on too.

Calories wise the best way is to eat at the intake level consistently for a bit and weigh yourself on the scales. If your weight is dropping then you’re in a deficit. The bigger the deficit the faster the weight loss. Other scenarios like weight stays the same = at maintenance etc. Over time taking pics in the mirror can be good to track if you’re going in the right direction.

Sure. Just adjust your TM and perform sets of 10 for every set (10’s PRO). Problem solved. I’d also wear straps and lower slow/controlled if I were you.

Thanks guineapig, and thanks Jim. I’ll try these things and get back on my discipline. The road is long…!

Thanks again.