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Deadlift With Dumbbells

Is there any loss in doing dead lifts with dumbbells in stead of a bar? It seems to be a bit easier on my shoulders (and my shins).


Other than not being able to use as much weight, you should still get benefits. Besides, if it lessens your chance of injury (you mantioned shins and shoulders) then by all means do it. No need to mess up your whole training program due to injury just to perform conventional deadlifts.

Are your arms at your sides?

how much weight you using?

there are differences usually, you are using your legs more than your back, since you are less bent over if you are lifting dumbells from the sides

which may or may not be a good thing

don’t the dumbell plates hit you?

DB deadlift sucks. The only deadlift you should be doing with db’s is the RDL.

Dumbbell deadlifts suck once you start lifting dumbells over 100 pounds.

You should look into deadlifting on a Trap/Shrug bar.

DB deadlifts would be okay for a person just working out to maintain health and be active. If one were lifting to gain serious size and strength ditch the DB’s and hit the bar.


Are you sure you’re deadlifting correctly? I kept injuring myself doing deads, then a powerlifter at my gym worked with me on my technique, and now i’m injury free.

It’s not an injury, it’s just a bit easier for me to hold on to I guess. I didn’t notice much of a diffrence between the 2.

DBs are good for single leg RDL?s when you want to do unilateral work, but BB much better when using both legs.